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Bachelor Program in Early Child Care and Education 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. Program: Early Child Care and Education
  2. Introduction: Early Child Care and Education is a bachelor program that provides courses concerning the formal teaching and care of young children for people who want to own or work for a kindergarten or a child care center.  Students in the Program can learn the development of normal children and special children, know how to design appropriate curricula for children, and acquire knowledge and skills to manage an institution in the field of early child care and education.
  3. Courses & Credits (Example) :
 Item Course Subject Teacher Credits
 1 Introduction Of Child Care And Education Chiu-Tao Tsai 2 
 2 Introduction to Child Development Yun-Ju Chen  2
 3 Introduction to Special Education Kuang-Ming Huang 2
 4Children’s Play Chi-Chen Tsai 2
 5 Early Childhood Curriculum Design Mei-fang Chao 2
 6 Behavior Observation and Practicum of Young Children Shu-E Yang 2
 7 Child Environment Design Mei-Yi  Shen  2
 8 Parents Education Chih-Yao Chang  2
 9 Administration and Management of Early Childhood Education Chia-Pin Kao  2 
 10 Internship Chih-Sheng Chen 2

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