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南台幼保系系徽「元氣荳荳」Happy Senior University Introduction

With a declining  birth rate ,Taiwan is fast becoming an aging society. Aging is currently one of the most important social issues and attention needs to be paid to the elderly . In order to help the elderly be happy in later years of life, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology has established the Happy Senior University.


南台幼保系系徽「元氣荳荳」STUST Happy Senior University - Purposes

  1. We assist seniors to learn happily by creating diverse happy learning models.
  2. We assist seniors to have a healthy body by designing integrated body-mind-spirit classes.
  3. We assist seniors to have their own clubs by providing university resources.
  4. We assist seniors to learn with university students and thus provide an appropriate platform for the exchange of ideas. 

南台幼保系系徽「元氣荳荳」STUST Happy Senior University - Class Content

We provide the following courses:
  1. Courses about aging
  2. Courses concerning health and leisure
  3. STUST specific courses 
  4. Courses about new knowledge
  5. Other courses:i.e., safety education
  6. Field Tours 
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